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nessusd.exe LPE > SYSTEM

2020-03-04T15:48:38+00:00July 17 2019|

As a pen tester I've always had an account on a Nessus Pro, obviously that changes with the new model, but as a contractor I have [...]

no, yeah… yeah no…

2019-06-14T11:41:41+00:00June 10 2019|

A quick post about an article on LinkedIn about 'Pentester Syndrome'  the link on linkedin is over http so apologies, it wasn't me setting the tone [...]

Prey or Pray

2018-12-09T10:11:37+00:00December 9 2018|

I've started making some designs for fun, T-shirt-able nerdy text puns and shit like that :: here or click the big text below funny for anyone [...]