The hardest part of Appsec really depends on where you sit, if you’re a developer it might be input validation, or dependency confidence, time might be your biggest issue, going live, compliance they mostly boil down to a few basic questions , are we ready ? are we as safe as we can be? are we compliant ? the thick of these answers often answered by comprehensive security reviews. hi.

CTU Security has been performing manual application assessments for over 8 years professionally, for all manner of clients spanning every industry bar military (altho we have submitted some good bugs to the US Mil ), Websites, API, mobile , Desktop and everything in between, we identify risk, exploits and other impact points, provide meaningful remediation, retesting and other services all stemming from your requirements and concerns.

aside from the manual work, we can also help releive some of your security chores once you have confidence in CTUS.



Automated Tool Interpretation Service, Similarly to vulnerability scanners (Nessus, Qualys, Nexpose etc… App scanners generate false positives, false negatives and equally important, a lack of context in most cases, let CTUS take control of that.

You can always make the whole thing our problem too.

Bug Bounty Management

Does your organisation buy into the BugBounty model ? CTUS can define the scope, manage the bounty, triage effectively and communicate in a manner fit for all tiers of the organisation


Commercial Off The Shelf Assessments. If you’re thinking about rolling out that thing, make sure you not only know what it does, but what it doesn’t do, what it shouldn’t do, and what risks you might be inheriting as a trade off for its features.