You’ve come here because you need a resource or you’re being nosey, both okay with me.

The good news is if you do need security relief I can help, you just need to let me know what the challenges are, I’ll propose a rout, and see how we get on!

Yep, I’ve given them silly titles that we’ll never use (maybe on invoices)


Security Problem Management 

While I would rather keep it low key who I do work with we can give you a rough idea … everyone that needs security support! that’s usually software teams, IT teams,security teams (ofefnsive and defensive),web site owners and maintainers, 3rd parties needing security assurance for their clients,  organisations looking for an extra pair of eyes on internal challenges in some cases high net worths (subrosa).

Penetration Testing
Application Security
Vulnerability Scanning
Security Reviews

Security Interpretations
Validation exercises
Legacy Problems
Hardening Guidelines


Web Application Scanner Managment

Does your origination have all the gear and no idea? or do you just have better things to do? CTUS can inherit the configuration, tuning and interpretation of output of automated web application scanning regardless of the software, although if you’re looking for recommendations we know a company , we can also do skill transfers or deliver step by step how two guides, screen recording and documentation of how we would use your software if you have people that are willing to take on the task.


Vulnerability Scanner Management

Similarly, many organisations lack the contextual awareness to make that critical as a medium and that medium as a high, CTUS can inherit the challenges from configuration of templates and agreed on scan policy to interpretation and context-driven remediation plans.