Malware Not Needed?

2018-12-23T01:14:21+00:00December 17 2018|

Recently had a *duh* moment while playing with the 'opened folder' canary technique used by - a Thinkst* project One of the Canary triggers works [...]


2019-01-03T06:32:39+00:00December 17 2018|

External Authentication Injection - What is it? It's applying folder level authentication to abuse web applications or client browsers, how you introduce it is based on [...]

Prey or Pray

2018-12-09T10:11:37+00:00December 9 2018|

I've started making some designs for fun, T-shirt-able nerdy text puns and shit like that :: here or click the big text below funny for anyone [...]

A Method of Disclosing .Onions

2018-12-03T03:47:55+00:00December 3 2018|

tl;dr Browsing via Tor is still fine, Hosting onions ... (possibly) less fine. This post is in theory, sound, however executing it would take real collaboration [...]

Kawasaki Analise …

2018-12-12T05:48:47+00:00December 3 2018|

So, I'm out here in Goa India at the moment Mysuru India (now) escaping the cold, I've just wound up a little bit of Appsec work for [...]

BugBounty != Security Consulting

2018-11-28T02:32:11+00:00November 28 2018|

It's been getting harder and harder to put your finger on the differences between Bug-bounty and Security Consulting/Testing for some, mostly due to the massive social [...]

Cover Your Own Ass(ets)

2018-11-30T06:07:25+00:00November 25 2018|

I've reached a point in my professional life where as much as I love popping & dropping (shell's and domain controllers) it's actually more effective that [...]

Password bAdvice

2019-01-22T15:52:57+00:00November 25 2018|

TL;DR : Guy who knows everyone has weak passwords, tells them it's their fault they get hacked, yet, it's not their fault he has their passwords. [...]

Enterprise Security

2018-11-21T23:23:25+00:00November 13 2018|

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