Subrosa is another view on our capabilities that can be used in over circumstances usually personal or resides outside of traditional working and traditional security expectations.

It’s more about defence and identification of threat than attack (we got laws you know), If you know us, you dont need to be on this page, we just need a cup of tea some place to understand what can be done, and it’s value to the situation.

If you have concern about your online ‘hack-ability’, feel like information is leaking that shouldn’t,  or need some discreet digital/online investigating, get intouch.

Impact Reports

We pull what we have on you from data breaches or any concerns you bring to us. We do what the bad guys would do, apart from instead of exploiting you, we put a report and action plan together, remediation focused on you being a human and not a computer setting. we consider user experience and likelihood that you will take the advice, we set up alerts and indicators for anything we consider triggers of activity or new risks, you’ll get those.

Compound Assessments

Compound assessment sounds pretty cool; it’s a cyber assault on your property /properties; concentrated attackers don’t discriminate between work or home, if you’re the target or an entry point, you’re fair game to them. We asses how bad it is, we can harden these networks or plant canaries and keep an eye on those triggers, we often work with well-versed partners who bring physical security assessment expertise along with their decades of real-world experience.

Incident Management

Is someone a being shitbag? Let’s see what we can do to expose them or turn the tables on the power they think they have over you.

Online Data Removal Requests & Alike

We use all available options to get negative information removed or adjusted; there are plenty of trolls out there either emotionally motivated or financially if it isn’t the truth, we have room to operate.

Incident Response

When shit hits the fan, you need someone to turn the fan off, and figure out who’s shit it is and why they threw it at your fan!

If you’re experiencing an incident or think you are, don’t touch anything, get in touch, let’s talk, and make a plan.

Online Monitoring

A side effect of Impact reports, we end up in a position where we’re keeping an eye on a few things online the more we understand, the more value we can bring.


We know attacks, this goes hand in hand with meaningful defence, what are you protecting? is it protected?